Help Us Help Others

Muslim Food Bank and Community Services is able to run its programs through donations of money and food.

Last year, our Food Bank Operations provided food hampers that are catered to specific dietary needs (vegan and religious dietary restrictions) to approximately 600 clients mostly families, or about 3,000 people. The Refugee Support Program provided support to around 2,000 refugees in terms of welcome food baskets, toiletry kits, baby items, clothes, sim cards and household items. We also provided 2,400 meals to homeless people. We had a successful Symposium on mental health and substance use through the youth programs within the ASPIRE Community Service division. The youth programs aim to support youth struggling with mental health, behavioral and substance use challenges. Our Capacity building program, also referred to as ASPIRE Training had almost 200 participants last year including our volunteers, caseworkers and members of the community at large. ASPIRE caseworker program continues to serve the clients and our pool of caseworkers, translators and administrative supporters have increased to over 100 volunteers.