Connecting Families Friendship Program
The ASPIRE program for the Muslim Food Bank and Community Services is facilitating a Connecting Families Program.

The idea is to connect a volunteer host individual or family from the Lower Mainland who would provide moral and settlement support to a newcomer family. Story of a Connected Family.

  • There is no financial obligation involved
  • We match families living in the same geographical area

How You Can Help

English speaking families who are open to venture out of their comfort zone are encouraged to join!

Although the newcomers are still learning English and you might find initial contact to be a little awkward, know that the children are learning English very quickly and Google Translate can be your ally. The experience is a very rewarding one – you will be able to help for e.g. in reading an English book with the kids, making a phone call on behalf of the parents, looking for some information online and passing it on.

To Participate

Connecting with a family is a 3-step process:

  1. Send an email to with “Connecting Families” in the Subject line, including your address and requesting that you be sent a form for a Request for criminal record check (CRC)
  2. Take the completed form along with 2 pieces of ID to your nearest RCMP and the check will be completed at no charge to you
  3. Return the form to the address on the form and you will be contacted by the coordinator of the program in order to assist you with a match with a newcomer family