Summer School
The MFBCS will be running a Summer School Program this year.

Most of the newcomer refugee children would have been exposed to various degrees of trauma and would have had very little formal schooling during the past few years. As these students will be settling into the Canadian schooling system in September 2016, we have already seen that major gaps exists in their readiness.

The aim of the Summer School Tutoring Program is to bridge the gap in schooling faced by the Syrian refugee children who have had their lives uprooted over the last year, and will be starting in an entirely new school system in September of 2016.

By observing the children who have already started their schooling in B.C. we have noticed that the struggle to assimilate into Canada’s school system lies overwhelmingly in a lack of English proficiency, as well as unfamiliarity with the system as a whole.

The program will involve teaching basic English and Math for children from grade to grade 8. It will also include some basic instruction on Canadian etiquette, over the course of July and August.

We also foresee additional benefit to the parents, in that it will allow both children and parents alike an opportunity for socialization, whilst simultaneously providing them with a chance to go out into the community and practice their English skills.

Classes will be held in Langley, Surrey (128th& 96th) and Iqra Islamic School.

If you are interested in volunteering as a teacher, assistant or (Arabic) interpreter,  let us know at