Food Bank

Food Bank Programs


Food Bank Programs

The Food Bank programs serves the needs of clients who have special dietary needs (halal, kosher, vegetarian, and vegan).

Food Distribution

The Food Hamper Distribution program involves the preparation and distribution of food hampers that are catered to specific dietary needs (vegan and religious dietary restrictions) for low-income residents of British Columbia. For those who don’t have dietary restrictions, we refer them to the local food banks in their areas for example residents who live in Surrey are referred to our partners, the Surrey Food Bank. Currently we serve clients in the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley.

There are three different sized hampers which are distributed in relation to the client’s household size. Each food hamper includes rice, flour, oil, sugar, cereal, an assortment of canned foods, pasta, tea and meat (all food items are halal). When we receive additional donations we are also able to provide clients with food items such cookies, spices, drinks and other miscellaneous items.

Our food hampers are distributed to approximately 600 families every month, around 3,000 people. Donate a hamper to assist with the food expenses for a family over the month.

Refugee Support

(toiletries / diapers) –  Provide necessities for personal hygiene to newly arrived immigrant and refugee families and children.

Disability Support

Diapers and adult diapers are provided to children and adults who may have developed urinary incontinence due to trauma or disability.

Computer Distribution

Refurbished computers / laptops are provided to families with school aged children to assist them with educational requirements.


Working in partnership with other agencies and local partners, furniture items are provided to families who are most in need of basic furniture.